K41498 TFA

K41498 TFA;

K41498 TFA 是一种强选择性的 CRF2 receptor 拮抗剂,其对人 CRF、CRF 和 CRF1 受体的 Ki 值分别为 0.66 nM、0.62 nM和425 nM。K41498 TFA 是 antisauvagine-30 (aSvg-30) 的类似物,可抑制 sauvagine 刺激的 cAMP 在 hCRF/hCRF 表达细胞中的积累。K41498 可用于低血压研究。

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K41498 TFA is a potent and highly selective CRF2 receptor antagonist with Ki values of 0.66 nM, 0.62 nM and 425 nM for human CRF, CRF and CRF1 receptors respectively. K41498 TFA is an analogues of antisauvagine-30 (aSvg-30), inhibits sauvagine-stimulated cAMP accumulation in hCRF– and hCRF-expressing cells. K41498 TFA can be used for hypotension study[1].







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Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere.


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