PR-39 TFA; 纯度: 98.40%

PR-39 TFA 是富含脯氨酸和精氨酸的天然抗菌肽,是一种非竞争性,可逆和变构的蛋白酶体 (proteasome) 抑制剂。PR-39 TFA 可逆地结合到蛋白酶体的 α7 亚基上,并通过泛素-蛋白酶体途径阻断 NF-κB 抑制剂 IκBα 的降解。PR-39 TFA 刺激小鼠的血管生成,抑制炎症反应并显着减小心肌梗死面积。

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PR-39 TFA Chemical Structure

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PR-39 TFA, a natural proline- and arginine-rich antibacterial peptide, is a noncompetitive, reversible and allosteric proteasome inhibitor. PR-39 TFAreversibly binds to the α7 subunit of the proteasome and blocks degradation of NF-κB inhibitor IκBα by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. PR-39 TFA stimulates angiogenesis, inhibits inflammatory responses and significant reduces myocardial infarct size in mice[1][2].

(In Vitro)

PR-39 TFA, shown to selectively affect proteasomemediated protein degradation in vivo, alters the shape of the 20S and 26S cylinder and affects the binding of 19S caps in a reversible manner. PR-39 TFA specifically blocks degradation of IκBα and HIF-1α by the proteasome[1].
PR-39 TFA (100 nM) blocks TNF-α-induced (1 ng/mL; for 20 minutes) activation of VCAM-1 (2 hours) and ICAM-1 (8 hours) expression in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC)[2].
PR-39 TFA (10 μM) does not affect the ability to proliferate of ECV304 cell. PR39 is able to inhibit IκBα degradation without significantly affecting overall protein degradation in cells[2].

MCE has not independently confirmed the accuracy of these methods. They are for reference only.

(In Vivo)

PR-39 TFA (10 mg/kg, intravenously; 1 hour before Caerulein of 50 μg/kg, ip) blocks IκBα degradation and NF-κB-dependent transcription in the mouse pancreas after induction of acute pancreatitis[2].
PR-39 TFA (1 μg/kg/day; 7-day intraperitoneal infusion) demonstrates significantly small infarct in C57BL/6 mice[2].

MCE has not independently confirmed the accuracy of these methods. They are for reference only.





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Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere.


Sealed storage, away from moisture

Powder -80deg;C 2 years
-20deg;C 1 year

*In solvent : -80deg;C, 6 months; -20deg;C, 1 month (sealed storage, away from moisture)

In Vitro:;

H2O : 100 mg/mL (20.69 mM; Need ultrasonic)

浓度 溶剂体积 质量 1 mg 5 mg 10 mg
1 mM 0.2069 mL 1.0344 mL 2.0688 mL
5 mM 0.0414 mL 0.2069 mL 0.4138 mL
10 mM 0.0207 mL 0.1034 mL 0.2069 mL


储备液的保存方式和期限:-80°C, 6 months; -20°C, 1 month (sealed storage, away from moisture)。-80°C 储存时,请在 6 个月内使用,-20°C 储存时,请在 1 个月内使用。

  • [1]. Maria Gaczynska, et al. Proline- and arginine-rich peptides constitute a novel class of allosteric inhibitors of proteasome activity. Biochemistry. 2003 Jul 29;42(29):8663-70.

    [2]. Y Gao, et al. Inhibition of ubiquitin-proteasome pathway-mediated I kappa B alpha degradation by a naturally occurring antibacterial peptide. J Clin Invest. 2000 Aug;106(3):439-48.