Systemin(Synonyms: 系统素)

Systemin;(Synonyms: 系统素)

Systemin 是一种18个氨基酸的多肽,从番茄叶子中分离出来,可诱导产生超过15种防御基因。

Systeminamp;;(Synonyms: 系统素)

Systemin Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 137181-56-7

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10 mg ¥5200 询问价格 货期
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Systemin, an 18-amino acid polypeptide, has been isolated from tomato leaves that is a powerful inducer of over 15 defensive genes.

(In Vitro)

Systemin is readily transported from wound sites and is considered to be the primary systemic signal.The signal transduction pathway that mediates Systemin signaling involves linolenic acid release from membranes and subsequent conversion to jasmonic acid, a potent activator of defense gene transcription. The pathway exhibits analogies to arachidonic acid/prostaglandin signaling in animals that leads to inflammatory and acute phase responses[1]. Systemin, an 18-amino-acid peptide signal. Systemin is cleaved from the C-terminal region of a 200-amino acid precursor protein called proSystemin. Following the cloning of proSystemin gene, which represents a single locus in the tomato genome, several lines of genetic evidence indicate that Systemin acts as an upstream component of wound-induced signaling cascades leading to defense gene expression[2].

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Solvent Solubility
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Peptide Solubility and Storage Guidelines:

1.;;Calculate the length of the peptide.

2.;;Calculate the overall charge of the entire peptide according to the following table:

; Contents Assign value
Acidic amino acid Asp (D), Glu (E), and the C-terminal -COOH. -1
Basic amino acid Arg (R), Lys (K), His (H), and the N-terminal -NH2 +1
Neutral amino acid Gly (G), Ala (A), Leu (L), Ile (I), Val (V), Cys (C), Met (M), Thr (T), Ser (S), Phe (F), Tyr (Y), Trp (W), Pro (P), Asn (N), Gln (Q) 0

3.;;Recommended solution:

Overall charge of peptide Details
Negative (lt;0) 1.;;Try to dissolve the peptide in water first.
2.;;If water fails, add NH4OH (lt;50 μL).
3.;;If the peptide still does not dissolve, add DMSO (50-100 μL) to solubilize the peptide.
Positive (gt;0) 1.;;Try to dissolve the peptide in water first.
2.;;If water fails, try dissolving the peptide in a 10%-30% acetic acid solution.
3.;;If the peptide still does not dissolve, try dissolving the peptide in a small amount of DMSO.
Zero (=0) 1.;;Try to dissolve the peptide in organic solvent (acetonitrile, methanol, etc.) first.
2.;;For very hydrophobic peptides, try dissolving the peptide in a small amount of DMSO, and then dilute the solution with water to the desired concentration.
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