GRGDSPK TFA(Synonyms: EMD 56574 TFA)

GRGDSPK TFA;(Synonyms: EMD 56574 TFA)

GRGDSPK TFA (EMD 56574 TFA) 是包含精氨酸-甘氨酸-天冬氨酸 (RGD) 的多肽。 GRGDSPK TFA 是一种竞争性且可逆的抑制肽,可抑制整联蛋白-纤连蛋白结合。GRGDSPK TFA 可以用于研究整联蛋白在骨形成和吸收中的作用。

GRGDSPK TFAamp;;(Synonyms: EMD 56574 TFA)

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GRGDSPK TFA (EMD 56574 TFA) is a peptide incluing Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD). GRGDSPK TFA is an competitive and reversible inhibitory peptide for inhibiting integrin-fibronectin binding. GRGDSPK TFA is used to study the role of integrins in bone formation and resorption[1][2].

(In Vitro)

GRGDSPK TFA (EMD 56574 TFA; RGD; 0.1-50 μM; for 4 days) inhibits mineralization in a dose-dependent manner as determined by measuring calcium content and 70 bonehnit area of tissue in parietal bones 18 days old isolated from pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats[1].
GRGDSPK TFA (10, 50 μM; for 4 days) dramatically alteres bone morphology, with a disruption of osteoblast and mineralized matrix organization[1].
GRGDSPK TFA (RGD; 250 μM), added to the medium, effectively blocks integrin-fibronectin binding and significantly increases the average size of wild-type cell aggregates[2].
When GRGDSPK TFA (250 μM) is added, wild-type mesendodermal progenitors exhibits strongly reduced adhesion forces and work, indicating that the detachment parameters recorded are specific for fibronectin and that integrins expressed in mesendodermal progenitors are involved[2].
GRGDSPK TFA (RGD-containing, 1.5 mM, 1.0 mM, and 0.5 mM) and RGD-mod-ified peptides impair the ability of sperm to fertilizebovine oocytes, illustrated by a reduction in cleavage in a dose-dependent manner[3].

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