Dentonin TFA(Synonyms: AC-100 TFA)

Dentonin TFA;(Synonyms: AC-100 TFA)

Dentonin TFA (AC-100 TFA) 是 MEPE 来源的短肽片段。Dentonin TFA 通过促进骨祖细胞粘附而促进成骨作用,并且可以促进未成熟的贴壁细胞存活。Dentonin TFA 对成熟成骨细胞无显著影响。Dentonin TFA 可用于磷酸盐稳态和骨代谢的研究。

Dentonin TFAamp;;(Synonyms: AC-100 TFA)

Dentonin TFA Chemical Structure

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Dentonin TFA (AC-100 TFA) is a synthetic fragment derived from MEPE. Dentonin TFA enhances osteogenesis by promoting osteoprogenitor adhesion and facilitates immature adherent cells survival. Dentonin TFA has no significant effect to mature osteoblasts. Dentonin TFA can be used for the research of phosphate homeostasis and bone metabolism[1].

(In Vitro)

MEPE is a a member of the SIBLING (Small Integrin-Binding Ligand, N-linked Glycoprotein) family of secreted glycophosphoproteins.  MEPE  regulates bone mass and influence osteoblast activity.[1].
Dentonin TFA (3-30 μg/ml; 2-24 hours) significantly increases the numbers of cell and shows enhanced promotion of cell adhesion. However, it has no significant differences in terms of numbers of cells adhered[2].
Dentonin TFA (3-30 μg/ml; 2-24 hours) enhances osteoblast spreading, it exhibits significantly increased cell areas compared to all other treatment[2].

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