OM99-2 TFA

OM99-2 TFA;

OM99-2 TFA,一种八残基拟肽,人脑 memapsin 2 的紧密结合抑制剂,其 Ki 值为 9.58 nM。OM99-2 TFA 显著促进了 BACE1 抑制剂的开发,具有研究阿尔茨海默症的潜力。

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OM99-2 TFA Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 2504147-81-1

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OM99-2 TFA, an eight residue peptidomimetic, tight-binding inhibitor of human brain memapsin 2 with a Ki value of 9.58 nM[1]. OM99-2 TFA is significantly advanced the development of BACE1 inhibitor[2]. OM99-2 has the potential for the research of the Alzheimer’s disease[3].

IC50 Target

Ki: 9.58 nM (memapsin 2)

(In Vitro)

Memapsin 2 (BACE) is an aspartyl protease known as beta-secretase that acts on the production of the beta-amyloid peptide in the human brain[4].

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