UNIFILTER96孔过滤微孔板_2ml PRO PPTN FF过滤介质 5/PK

UNIFILTER Microplate, 96-well, 2 mL, protein precipitation fast flow, filter bottom with long drip director 

GE’s Whatman UNIFILTER 2 mL, 96 well microplates are used for large sample or reagent volumes, as in biomolecule purification by SPE and organic synthesis in combinatorial chemistry library generation.

  • Heat and chemical resistance as a result of glass-filled polypropylene construction
  • Long drip directors facilitate collection of filtration without cross-contamination
  • Filter media options include glass microfiber, PVDF, and protein precipitation fast flow

Whatman UNIFILTER well plates come in a variety of formats. GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business offers several well sizes and filtration specifications to offer you the right format for your application.

Resistant well plates for solid phase extraction

Biomolecule purification procedures, particularly solid phase extraction (SPE), often require a resistant filtration option capable of large volume filtration. Whatman UNIFILTER 2 mL, 96 well plates are well suited as SPE filters because of their ability to filter these volumes without sample cross-contamination.

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