Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human TFA(Synonyms: 22-52-Adrenomedullin (human) (TFA))

Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human TFA;(Synonyms: 22-52-Adrenomedullin (human) (TFA))

Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human (22-52-Adrenomedullin human) (TFA),NH2 末端截短的 adrenomedullin 类似物,为肾上腺髓质素 (adrenomedullin receptor) 受体拮抗剂,同时在猫后肢血管床中,对降钙素基因相关肽 (CGRP) 受体也具有拮抗作用。

Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human TFAamp;;(Synonyms: 22-52-Adrenomedullin (human) (TFA))

Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human TFA Chemical Structure

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Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human


Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human (22-52-Adrenomedullin human) TFA, an NH2 terminal truncated adrenomedullin analogue, is an adrenomedullin receptor antagonist. Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human also antagonizes the calcitonin generelated peptide (CGRP) receptor in the hindlimb vascular bed of the cat[1].

IC50 Target

Adrenomedullin receptor, CGRP receptor[1]

(In Vitro)

Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human (22-52-Adrenomedullin human) TFA shows no effect on hindlimb perfusion pressure responses to adrenomedullin (ADM) at 120 nmol. However, Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human selectively and reversibly decreases vasodilator responses to human calcitonin generelated peptide (hCGRP) at 30 nmol, with similar effect to that of CGRP antagonist[1].
Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human competitively inhibits the binding of the Adrenomedullin in a dose-dependent manner, inhibits Adrenomedullin -induced cAMP accumulation in rat vascular smooth muscle cells[1].

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