Clemastanin B(Synonyms: 直铁线莲宁B)

天然产物 天然产物苯丙素类 Phenylpropanoids

Clemastanin B (Synonyms: 直铁线莲宁B)

Clemastanin B 是一种木质素,通过抑制病毒增殖、预防和阻断病毒附着而具有强大的抗流感 (anti-influenza) 活性。Clemastanin B 靶向病毒内吞作用、脱壳或核糖核蛋白 (RNP) 从细胞核输出。Clemastanin B 具有抗氧化和抗炎活性。

Clemastanin B(Synonyms: 直铁线莲宁B)

Clemastanin B Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 112747-98-5

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Clemastanin B, a lignin, has potent anti-influenza activities by inhibiting the virus multiplication, prophylaxsis and blocking the virus attachment. Clemastanin B targets viral endocytosis, uncoating or ribonucleoprotein (RNP) export from the nucleus. Clemastanin B has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities[1][2][3].

(In Vitro)

Clemastanin B inhibits different subtypes of human (H1N1, including swine-origin H1N1; H3N2 and influenza B) and avian influenza viruses (H6N2, H7N3, H9N2) at different magnitudes of activity (IC50 0.087-0.72 mg/ml) while this compound was inactive against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), adenovirus 3 (ADV3), parainfluenza virus 3 (PIV3), enterovirus 71 (EV71) and human rhinovirus (HRV)[1].
Clemastanin B (0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4 mg/ml; for 8 hours) treatment results in nucleoprotein (NP) distribution in the nuclei in MDCK cells[1].
Clemastanin B (48-72 h) after virus incubation (MOI, 0.01; for 2 h) causes a pronounced titer reduction of progeny virus in MDCK cells[1].
Clemastanin B (pre-incubated for 2 h) has no protective effect on MDCK cell lines with influenza virus[1].

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